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Hey everyone,

Our new record,  "Step Inside EP" has received yet another glowing endorsement from an internet-savvy music-lover.  This one comes to you from the blog a book and a record. Check it out here


We'd love to thank you by name, but we couldn't find that out on your blog, so thank you, "twenty-something, skinny jean wearing, music-loving, reading, writing, folkster." We look forward to making a lot more great music for you and your readers.


Step Inside EP Review by Ear to the Ground

Jul 27,2012

Fans, check out the review of our new EP Step Inside. We're gonna owe this Joe Wolfe-Mazeres guy a beer or two for propelling our meteoric rise to the top. Thanks for the kinds words, man. you rock! Check it out here

step inside


Review from the Examiner

Jul 15,2012

Thank you Natalie Jones for the sweet write up in the Examiner. Check it out here



South of Ramona finally makes the papers… on the web

Jan 30, 2012

On January 30th 2012, SoR was featured in City Weekly Staff Blog, Gavin’s underground by Gavin Sheehan. You can check out the interview here.

city weekly

















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