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Take every preconceived idea of folk bands and throw them out the window. Rather than a deconstructed acoustic sound, South of Ramona, injects the energy and the rule-breaking attitudes of rock and roll into a style of music that has long shied away from it. The group isn’t afraid to put its unique spin on a number of different genres from around the world. Whether covering classic rock tunes, or trying its hand at traditional Romani music or Southern blues, South of Ramona’s flare for challenging musical boundaries extends not just to their persona as a band, but also to their approach to song-writing, in a style of music they refer to as “crooked folk.”

Beyond just the mixture of folk and rock instrumentation, (guitar, bass, drums, banjo, vocals) the principle behind the creation of South of Ramona’s signature sound is blurring the line between folk and rock. With banjo, guitar and vocal styles heavily influenced by country and traditional American folk, at its core, the band lays bare a strong love for high-energy rock and roll. 




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August 25th @ The Woodshed
September 1st @ In the Venue
September 2nd @ Bar Deluxe
September 9th @ Park City
September 18th @ Bar Deluxe
October 9th @ Bar Deluxe
October 20th @ The Hotel

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