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Hey everyone,

Our new record,  "Step Inside EP" has received yet another glowing endorsement from an internet-savvy music-lover.  This one comes to you from the blog a book and a record. Check it out here

a book and a record

We'd love to thank you by name, but we couldn't find that out on your blog, so thank you, "twenty-something, skinny jean wearing, music-loving, reading, writing, folkster." We look forward to making a lot more great music for you and your readers.


Step Inside EP Review by Ear to the Ground

Jul 27,2012

Fans, check out the review of our new EP Step Inside. We're gonna owe this Joe Wolfe-Mazeres guy a beer or two for propelling our meteoric rise to the top. Thanks for the kinds words, man. you rock! Check it out here

step inside


Another Video!

July 16th,2012

We have, once again, put our own unique spin on a classic song. Some of you may know it. Some may even love it. Regardless of your familiarity, we know you'll really dig our distinctly-SoR treatment of what some believe to be one of the first "folk-rock" songs ever (and you thought you wouldn't learn anything when you came to this site). This tune may even resonate in a whole new way for you. We only ask that you comment and share this little gem like it's the cure for cancer. Without further adieu, South of Ramona performs Jefferson Airplane's "Somebody to Love."


This Crooked Little Folk Band Hits the Road This August

June 28th,2012

Mark your calendars. August 3rd through the 17th you will see us taking our brand of music to show the world live and in person. We will be playing 13 dates in 13 cities up the west coast of the U.S. and into Canada.  That’s right, we tour internationally!

8.3  Las Vegas @ Yayo Taco
8.4  Santa Monica @ TRiP
8.6  Fresno @ Babylon Club
8.7  San Francisco @ Grant & Green Saloon
8.8  Portland @ Mississippi Pizza Pub
8.10 Seattle @ The Triple Door
8.11 Seattle @ 2bit Saloon
8.12 Seattle @ El Corazon
8.13 Vancouver @ Princeton Pub
8.14 Spokane @ The Baby Bar
8.16 Boise @ The Crux
8.17 Salt Lake City @ The Woodshed


Band of the year, here we come!

June 06,2012

You heard right.  Last May we claimed victory of the title Band of the Month We’d like to thank everyone whose votes made it possible and a thanks is in order to Joe Wolfe-Mazeres for selecting us to participate. We had a lot of fun and got to hear a bunch of local sounds from around the country.


Look, Ma! We’re on T.V.!

June 04,2012

South of Ramona made their very first television appearance June 4th on KUTV Channel 2 news.



Our first Youtube video

May 02,2012

Many of you have asked when we will start recording and performing covers. Some have even begged. It was kinda cute. Well, the time has now come to present our very first. Seen exclusively on YouTube; South of Ramona’s rendition of the Animals “House of the Rising Sun.” Enjoy!


T-shirts T-shirts T-shirts!

April 01,2012

Our online store is literally overflowing with our latest batch of hand-printed t-shirts. There is a limited quantity, so be sure to pick one up before they're all gone and you’re the saddest South of Ramona fan at the party. Get 25% off (Value you can’t measure) by signing up for our mailing list (Absolutely FREE). Who doesn’t like a good deal?



South of Ramona finally makes the papers… on the web

Jan 30, 2012

On January 30th 2012, SoR was featured in City Weekly Staff Blog, Gavin’s underground by Gavin Sheehan. You can check out the interview here.




Jan 17, 2012

After weeks of recording, we finally have a demo ready for you guys to take home and cherish. The demo will be posted in our store for free, and it will also be available at our shows. All we ask for in return is that you sign up for our mailing list. Also feel free to leave feedback on our facebook page or send us an email



New Year, New Shows, New Merchandise

Dec 14, 2011

Hey everyone, sadly 2011 is coming to an end but we have great things in stock for 2012. We're booking new shows and have new music for you as well. On top of this we are making stickers to give to you, our lovely fans. There are several ways for you to get one:

1) subscribe to our mailing list
2) become a fan on facebook
3) come visit us at one of our shows

Stickers will be available in two forms:

sticker sticker


Happy Holidays and have a great New Year!


New Website!

Nov 14, 2011

We have finally taken the time and effort to bring you our website. Here you will find current news, show dates, photos, videos, and, of course, music. Also, please join our mailing list to better help us keep you informed.
Thanks for visiting us!





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August 25th @ The Woodshed
September 1st @ In the Venue
September 2nd @ Bar Deluxe
September 9th @ Park City
September 18th @ Bar Deluxe
October 9th @ Bar Deluxe
October 20th @ The Hotel

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